Thursday, August 14, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Trip Summer 2014-- Part 15: To Da Beach

We went to the beach on July 15th, stopping to visit my Aunt Louise and cousin Joe at my grandparents' house in Mt. Olive and another stop at Smithfield's Chieken and Barbecue in Warsaw, N.C., just off I-40.  We had their pulled pork sandwiches and did they ever pile them high.  There are several Smithfield places along North Carolina interstates and well worth a trip.  Outstanding bbq and fried chicken and Brunswick stew that is out of this world.  In the past, I have often stopped at the one by Mebane, near Burlington (also off I-40).

Crossed over the famous swing bridge connecting the mainland to Surf City (and Topsail Beach to its south).  Mom says that there are plans to replace the swing bridge with a new one that doesn't have to be turned when intercoastal boats come through, causing huge back ups going on and off the island.  I have spent many a minute waiting for the bridge to open again.

Surf City, Topsail Beach and North Topsail Beach are all on Topsail Island which is a barrier island.  Once across the bridge, we turned south and drove to Topsail Beach, passing several of the old post World War II missile towers.  The U.S. developed part of its missile program on Topsail island.

Opened the place up in Topsail Beach.  I took the lower level instead of my usual main floor room as my brother Bob was coming in on Sunday and that is where he stays.

Went out to the beach and found lots of those great polished stones I call "Lima Beans" because of their appearance.  Sometimes, they are not to be found.  Lots of people out there as well since this is prime time summer beach time.


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