Saturday, August 30, 2014

Britt's Donut Shop, Carolina Beach, N.C.-- Part 1

From the July 2009 Our State Magazine "Sugar Rush" by Kathy Grant Westbrook.

Britt's Donuts is a must-try food spot in the Old North State

"Variety may be the spice of life, but at Britt's Donut Shop in Carolina Beach, they don't like things spicy; they like them sweet.  So forget about the variety.  Britt's sells glazed doughnuts.  And drinks, of course--milk, coffee and soft drinks (in N.C., they call pop soft drinks).  That's the menu-- period.  No chocolate-iced doughnuts.  Or lemon-filled.  Or cream-filled.  Just glazed."

Like they say, you can have anything you want to eat as long as its glazed.  And, who would want to order anything else.  It's like going to Springfield's Cozy Dog and ordering a hot dog or hamburger.

Owner Bobby Nivens says they have no problem with the lack of variety.  People know what to expect when they come into the non-air conditioned shop with its garage doors open.

Britt's doughnuts are always fresh and warm "and no matter how gingerly you hold it, it is impossible not to compress it between your fingers and thumb."  Even worse, a few flecks of that glaze is gonna fall onto the counter or your lap.

And, due to their lightness, like Jay's Potato Chips around Illinois say:  "You can't eat just one."

And, it is right on Carolina Beach's famous boardwalk.  But not the boardwalk along the ocean, but one "street" in, across from what use to be the bumper cars.


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