Tuesday, August 26, 2014

About This Past Sunday


Thanks to Saturday's Northwest Herald's McHenry County (Ill.) Community Calendar page, I became aware of two activities that we went to: The Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at the McHenry Moose Lodge on Il-31, a benefit to support the Alzheimer's Association.  We did that at 11:30 and got in on some raffles.

Next stop was the second annual Patriots in the Park at McHenry's Veterans Memorial Park downtown.  This was hosted by Joe's Wish, a McHenry-based organization to raise money to meet the needs of local military personnel and their families.

There were lots of vendors selling their wares and we bought an NIU Huskies dish and a 50-caliber bullet fired in Iraq that had been turned into a bottle opener.  Enjoyed talking with friends from the PLAV (Polish Legion of American veterans) who are trying to raise money to rebuild their building which was badly damaged in a Mother's Day fire.

Talked with Jerry (the former mayor of Tom's Cafe) and Jim.  Enjoyed listening to Frank Band and the Secret Stash band play.

Next stop was Captain's Quarters on Fox Lake for our favorite local band, Soda, and then we went to Never Sink Inn and Antonio's in Spring Grove.

A Fine Day Was Had By All.  --RoadDog

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