Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Great River Tug Fest: It's Illinois vs. Iowa in Annual Tug of War-- Part 1

From the July 20, 2014, Chicago Tribune by John Handley.

It ties up boat traffic for a short time, but every year for the last 27 years, that oldest of summer picnic competitions, an old-fashioned rope tug of war takes place.

A 2,700-foot rope is stretched across the the Mississippi River between Port Byron, Illinois, and LeClaire, Iowa in what is called the Great River Tug Fest and is the heart of a three-day celebration on both sides of the river and attracts a typical crowd of 30,000.

Each state fields ten teams of 20 men and one team of 25 women and all grab the rope for a three-minute exertion.  Sadly, judges stop the cation before anyone gets dragged into the river.

Winning state takes home the Alabaster Eagle in Flight as bragging rights for the year.

Pull, Pull, Pull for Illinois!!  --RoadDog

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