Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Indy Fest at Milwaukee-- Part 2: Fun and Games on I-94 and Parking

We were sort of hoping that all the road construction on I-94 that started last year would be over...but it sure wasn't.  perhaps even worse.  First off, we had to take a confusing detour just to get on the interstate at Wis.-50.  Then. it was road construction off and on the rest f the way, of course with all those dire warnings about what will happen to you if you speed.  We never did see anyone working on it though, just lots of signs and barrels.

Always a problem on I-94 are the goody folks who go 20-30 miles over the speed limit in crowded conditions.  Traffic was heavy the whole way, but it would have been even worse going south as they had two major backups that went on for miles.  This convinced us that we didn't want to return that way.

Took the I-894 bypass out west and got off by the state fair park.  There were no parking lots open on the side we needed to park on for easy getting to out seats.  We kept driving north and finally found an open lot, paying $10 to park about as far away as you can get from our seats.

We then walked and walked to our seats at the south end.  While on foot, the race started.  And by the time we met up with the others, it was so loud with all those Indy cars going by, talking was an impossibility.  Fortunately, we had bought along some earplugs.  In the three times I've been to the Indy 500, I never needed them.  But believe me, we needed them here.

Vroom, Vroom Went the Cars Around the Track.  --RoadDog

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