Saturday, August 23, 2014

Five Things We Love About State Fairs-- Part 4: Pronto Pups

PRINTO PUPS--  Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul, August 21-Sept 1.

Pronto Pups are plump hot dogs dressed in crispy cornmeal-fried batter and have been been eaten since 1947.  They were the first hot food eaten from a stick says franchise-owner Gregg Karnis, 60, of Becker, Minnesota.  His late father, Jack, first introduced the tasty treat.

Each year, they go through nearly 110 tons of batter and 22 tons of hot dogs while making tens of thousands of Pronto Pups.

I can't help but think this sounds a whole lot like Springfield's Cozy Dogs.  Perhaps there is some coincidence here.  I'll have to check into it.

Cozy Dog/Pronto Pup?  --RoadDog


troutbirder said...

We'll be heading off to St. Paul on Tues for my big day off the "approved anti cholesterol" list which will include lots of greasy stuff on a stick and mounds of deep fried cheese curds...:)

RoadDog said...

Enjoy those Pronto Pups. You'll have to try a Cozy Dog in Springfield, Illinois, which sounds like a version of the Pronto Pups. Both came into being at about the same time, so I am wondering, "Who came first, the pronto or the Cozy?"

Don't eat too much at the fair.