Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Road Work Ahead, NC Summer Trip-- Part 6: Gas and Radio

Left Spring Grove, Illinois, at 10 AM, July 21st with the odometer reading 28,405 miles and 28.5 miles per gallon.  Set trip odometers to zero.

Gas in Fox Lake, earlier in the morning was $3.56 and $3.72 in Woodstock.  I was shocked to see Starks Corner, at Il-47, Il-72 and US-20 at "just" $3.60.  It is usually one of the most expensive places on my drive along Il-47.

Yorkville gas was at $3.34!!  And I hate Big Oil for making me think that is "Cheap" gas.

All along the whole trip today, the roadsides were ablaze with lots of color from what most regard as weeds.  The whites were Queen Anne's lace and I'm not sure what the blues and yellows were.

Listened to Bob Stroud's Ten at Ten until nearly 11 AM (see my August 2nd entry for the songs) and then tunes into 103.1 FM, WJEZ, broadcasting classic oldies out of Pontiac, Illinois, right on Route 66.  However, it was talk radio now and had different call letters.  I started looking for another station and found WJEZ now broadcasting at 98.9 FM, so listened to it while in range.  What I like about them is that they have deejays and not just canned music like so many stations now have.

Give Me Those Oldies.  --RoadDog

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