Thursday, August 21, 2014

Indy Fest, Milwaukee 2014-- Part 3

After finally finding an open parking lot at the state fair grounds, as far away from our seats as you can get, we walked and walked and walked to our seats on the other side of the track.  There were a whole lot of people who wera also walking and walking to their seats.

The race started while we were walking.  Probably missed the first 4-5 laps.  It was loud on the other side of the stands but REALLY LOUD when we got to the seats about ten rows up.

Right away I noticed that you couldn't read anything trackside about who was in what place and what lap they were in at the time.  At Indy, we have plenty of information we have great information.  The announcers evidently were talking, but we didn't know it until there was a break in the race for either an accident or stalled car (we never knew).  But, in the lull, we could hear them and we were even able to talk to each other.

At least, this close to the track, I could see the numbers on the cars.  At Indy we are so high and far away that I can't see the numbers and have to rely on car colors to figure out who is where.


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