Thursday, August 7, 2014

Road Work Ahead, Summer N.C. Trip-- Part 8: Hardee's Coming to Northern Illinois

There is now a Hardee's open in Yorkville in that mecca of road mess they have going on this summer.  I also saw that one has opened in Round Lake Beach.  I saw another one at the Love's gas station at the Dwight, Illinoism exit on I-55.  They are obviously coming to the area now.

And, I am glad to hear that.  They sure have great breakfasts and I'm also fond of their Thickburgers and hot dogs.  And, on our way back from the drive south of the Cape Fear River near Shallotte, N.C., on July28th, we stopped to eat at a Hardee's and they had a gospel/country band playing inside.  Something you don't expect to get along with your burgers.

They had been in northern Illinois, but pulled out for some reason.

When we lived in Greenville, N.C. when I was a child, Dad knew the man who started the chain and had an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, but turned it down.  Had he taken the position, I probably would have remained in North Carolina and never moved north.

Had Dad become the owner of several Hardee's, I probably would have worked for him.

Funny How Things Sometimes Don't Work Out.  --RoadDog

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