Saturday, August 2, 2014

Road Work Ahead-- Part 4: NC Summer 2014 Trip: Ten at Ten 1974

I had gathered some CDs to listen to along the way, but, of course, there were my usual radio stations.

Even better, since I was leaving at 10 AM, WDRV had their Ten at Ten, so listened to that on their two stations: 96.9 WDDV in north Chicagoland and 97.1 FM toward the south.

Bob Stroud hosted it at the beginning of his shift, saying it "was a fascinating year musically and politically as well with the culmination of everything that was rolling in the nation with President Richard Nixon.  It seemed like the eyes and ears were pressed to the radio, TV and newspapers all year long.

Here are the ten songs:

PURE AND EASY--  Who  The group put out a long-player called Odds and Sods, comprised of songs never put on vinyl from their catalog.
RADAR LOVE--  Golden Earring  Dutch band who'd been around a number of years but we weren't hip to them until this song.
ANOTHER PARK, ANOTHER SUNDAY--  Doobie Brothers  From What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits.

IF YOU CAN'T ROCK ME--  Rolling Stones  From their new album, It's Only Rock and Roll.
SEASONS IN THE SUN--  Terry Jacks  Canadian who was once a member of the Poppy Family in the late 60s, early 70s who had a couple hits stateside.
BLOODY WELL RIGHT--  Supertramp  From their new release Crime of the Century.
SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL--  Grand Funk Railroad  Covering an old, kind of obscure R&B tune from their album All of the Girls in the World Beware.

CAN'T GET ENOUGH--  Bad Company  Their debut, self-titled album out in the summer.  (The group I always get confused with Foreigner.)
THE AIR THAT I BREATHE--  Hollies  Great delivery from Allen Clarke.
ALREADY GONE--  Eagles--  From their album #3, On the Border  (Until I got into Route 66, my favorite Eagles song.  Now, of course, it is "Take It Easy" for some reason.

Great Music to Start of Long Drive.  --RoadDog

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