Friday, August 8, 2014

Road Work Ahead, Summer N.C. Trip-- Part 10: On Route 66

Whenever at a Route 66 place, I sign the guestbook and then look at the countries from which others have signed it.  In the last several days (before July 21st) visitors from Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Australia and Switzerland had signed it.  They also had 11 signatures from a group touring from Norway.

I usually get back on Ilinois-47 in Dwight, but decided to take a ride on Route 66 the ten miles to Odell to stop at the Odell Standard station.  Nothing like a drive, albeit short one, on Route 66.

Once at the station, I signed the guestbook and then asked the best way to get back to Il-47 from there.  I was given instructions and drove through town, out past the park and ball fields and then got on a road.  I've often seen a sign on Il-47 with an arrow showing to Odell and wanted to drive that road.

Somehow, I didn't make that road and ended up out on Illinoisl-116, which I knew went between Pontiac and Suaneman (and 47 passed by the west end of the latter, so went east and got myself back to Il-47 and proceeded on my way.

Gas in Sauneman was $3.56.


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