Thursday, August 7, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer Trip-- Part 9: Getting a Little Route 66

Made my usual stop at the new Ambler-Becker station with the Route 66 Burger King in Dwight, to get a bite to eat and something to drink.  I don't think the Ambler-Becker folks own it anymore, but they do have a fair amount of Route 66 souvenirs.

Gas in Dwight was $3.34.

Often on my way to North Carolina, I stop at the old Ambler-Becker station which has been restored and now serves as a Dwight Route 66 Welcome Center.  I always enjoy looking at the many pins marking where people come from who visit on their world and U.S. maps.

The European countries are full of pins.

There is always a friendly person or two who are welcoming visitors and giving information.  The woman was originally from Bloomington-Normal and agrees with me that these towns do very little to promote their Route 66 heritage.  She remembers going to the original Steak 'N Shake and said she lived near the gas station someone is attempting to restore there.

Getting My Route 66 Fix.  ----RoadDog

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