Saturday, May 18, 2013

Taking the Lincoln Highway to Iowa: Woodstock

May 16th

Left home with mileage at 19,264 on the '11 Malibu.  Set trip odometer to zero.  Left at 12:30 PM.

We stopped on the road by Stade's Farm to look at two baby llamas and two young Shetland ponies who were by the fence.  This is something new.  We still miss the regal Larry the Llama we used to see every time we drove to Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  Maybe the youngsters are his offspring?


We had been in Woodstock last week and knew that the trees in square were about ready to bloom so took a sidetrip to see them.  And, the crabapples were in full bloom so slowly drove around the square.  There were a lot of people enjoying them in the square as well.  I was tempted to find a parking spot, but decided we needed to get along.

Drove by the mansion that had the part of the Cherry Street B&B in the movie "Groundhog Day" where Bill Murray stayed.  Then drove along Lake Street, which had a half mile of lilacs blooming right now.  Any time is a good time to go to Woodstock, but especially now.


Of course, gas by us is super expensive in this pre-Summer Driving gas gouge.  And, we've already had the pre-pre-pre and pre-pre Summer Driving Gas Gouges as well as the semiannual change to summer driving fuel and back gouges.

Gas in Woodstock was $4.10 as it was in Marengo.  But, after that, it started dropping and was $3.68 by the time we got to Dixon, usually one of the cheaper places to fill up your tank.

Heading For Iowa.  --RoadDog

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