Friday, May 10, 2013

Coming Home: Just About There Now


Gas at Pittsboro was $3.76 and Crawfordsville $3.60.  Both I-74 in Indiana.

I've often seen billboards for a place at Exit 4 in Covington, Indiana,  called The Beef House which advertises it has been voted beast steak house in Indiana and something about fantastic rolls.  One of these days i am going to have to stop there.

I sure noticed lots and lots of police all along I-74, but I rarely speed anymore to increase gas mileage.  Normally I have the cruise control on.

Of course, approaching Danville, I turn on WWHP, the Whip top listen to all that great Americana/blues music.  As it was noon and a Tuesday, I got the farm report and the Bluegrass show, The Blue Side of Town with Bill McCreary,  again (which i heard on the way down).

Gas in Forest was $3.70.  The closer you get to Chicago, the more expensive the gas.  The same holds true for Il. Highway 47 the farther north you go.

Dwight--  $3.75
Yorkville--  $3.80-$3.82
Elburn--  $3.95
Huntley--  $4
Woodstock $3,90

'Bout There.  --RoadDog

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