Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Coming Home-- Part 4

I got back onto I-77 a few miles north of where the huge accident happened at the NC-Va. border yesterday.  Three people were killed on many taken to the hospital after a multi-vehicle pileup caused by dense fog.  The stretch here is an 8 mile decline/incline with fog warning signs.  I encountered that fog on one trip and believe me, that is some intense fog.  I can easily imagine a bad accident happening here.

Gas in Wytheville was $3.40 ($3.44 in Galax).

The whole way today on I-77, I saw a whole lot of Ontario cars heading north and home.  I don't know if they were coming back from spring break or winter snowbirding.One of them had a Canadian flag flying from the window.

Saw a sign for the Appalachian Bible College right by a billboard advertising: "Gentleman's Club, Totally Nude, Full Bar."  Kind of an interesting pairing.

I went by where the rock slide took place on my way down at MM-3 in West Virginia.  It was now open and all rocks off the pavement, but the shoulder was closed.  Wonder why?  Saw a whole lot of RVs heading north.

Gas on the West Virgina Turnpike was $3.70.  Got off I-77 at Ripley and again took US-33 northwest to Columbus, Ohio.

How 'Bout Them Canadians?  --RoadDog

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