Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Day in the Square-- Part 2

That would be Woodstock Square, in Woodstock, Illinois, about 18 miles from where I live.  One of my favorite places to visit anywhere.

The square dates to the 1840s and, as I've mentioned before, a whole lot of the movie "Groundhog Day was filmed in it.  Watch the movie and take a walk through it and you'll be amazed at how familiar it looks.

The old McHenry County Courthouse and Woodstock City Hall (now called The Opera House) dominate the surrounding buildings.  The Opera House was the Hotel Pennsylvania in the movie and one of Bill Murray's attempts at suicide took place from the tower.

We took a walk around the square after eating at Angelo's on an absolutely perfect spring day, something that has been rare around here this year.  We were surprised to see several empty stores.  Usually every unit is occupied.

We walked by where Liz's mother was in assisted living.  She had four windows right on the square.  I kept telling her that she had to stay there until I was ready to be in the place, but unfortunately that wasn't to be.  Her place is now studio apartments.

Next, Got In and Out Without Buying Anything.  --RoadDog

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