Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clinton Players (Mostly Sox) Who Made the Majors (That I Know)

From the souvenir program.

These are players I have heard of, primarily those White Sox players from 1960 to 1965.

Year--Name--  Team

1960  Jim Hicks--  Sox
1960  Tommy McGraw--  Sox
1960  Marv Staehle--  Sox
1961  Dick Kenworthy--  Sox
1961  Ken Berry--  Sox
1962  Buddy Bradford--  Sox
1962  Francisco Carlos--  Sox
1962  Bruce Howard--  Sox
1962  Denny McLain--  Tigers (Too bad it wasn't the Sox)
1963  Fred Klages--  Sox
1963  Rich Morales--  Sox
1963  Ed Stroud--  Sox
1964  Greg Bollo--  Sox
1964  Duane Josephson--  Sox

With this group in such a short time-span and even a first-place finish, maybe Clinton and the White Sox should renegotiate a farm team.  Also, Clinton had a class A team from that Chicago baseball group on the North Side, and that resulted in two other first-place finishes.  The only other 1st place finish was in 1991 with the San Francisco Giants.

That Was Quite a Productive Farm Team Back Then.  --SoxDog

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