Friday, May 10, 2013

Coming Home: Got Home

Arrived in the driveway at 4 PM, CSDT with total mileage at 19,250 on the '11 Malibu, most all of it on road trips.  Mileage since I left Goldsboro, NC, 1041.7 and had driven 411,3 miles today.

I had been listening to a CD and when I ejected it, I had 98.3 FM LP out of Round Lake Heights, Illinois, another interesting and varied station.  That is the same number as the Whip in Farmer City.  Good stations must be close in numbers.  The great country classic station in Galax, Virginia is 98.1.

For the trip, I drove 2,178 miles.

Good to Be Home.  --RoadDog

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