Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some More Major League Ballplayers Who Passed Through Clinton, Iowa

The souvenir program had two pages of small print double columns with these players.  I only recognized about one/third of a column's worth of names.

Year/ name/ Major League team

1970  Darrell Porter--  Milwaukee Brewers
1970  Gorman Thomas--  Milwaukee Brewers--  Hey, Stormin' Gorman!!!
1973  Ron LeFlore--  Detroit Tigers--  also the White Sox
1977  Ron Kittle--  White Sox
1977  Mike Scioscia--  LA Dodgers
1977  Dave Stewart--  LA Dodgers
1979  Orel Hershiser--  LA Dodgers
1979  Candy Maldonado--  LA Dodgers
1979  Steve Sax--  LA Dodgers

Just Three Steps from the Majors.  --RoadDog

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