Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Day in the Square-- Part 4

Next, walked across the street (near the spot where Bill Murray was timing his Brinks heist) and into the square itself.  The trees hadn't bloomed yet, but are close and that is a treat in itself.

Again, it was just a great spring day to be outside, something we have not had a lot of around here this spring.  We took a seat between the gazebo (where Bill and Andi had their dance) and the Union Civil War monument (site of the snowball fight) on a bench especially situated for enjoying that square.

And, we just sat and took in the sights.  Earlier I had mentioned getting Frances' apartment overlooking the square and putting my desk in front of one of the windows looking out onto it.  But, I'm not sure just how much work I would have accomplished as I would spend way too much time staring.

Quite a few people walking about and some having lunch.  A girl walked in with a husky dog and took a seat to read a book.  Well, that dog kept a careful eye on any and everything that moved.  And then, four guys came out and started throwing a Frisbee around.  Want to talk one dog's undivided attention.  You could just hear him thinking, "Hey, guys, how about me?  Throw it over here."  Sadly, they didn't.

The girl was oblivious, but certainly not the dog. 

A mother, grandmother and two toddlers appearing to be twins were walking around and came over to the girl and dog.  Well, that was one dog who really wanted to plant a wet lick on those two kids and just about knocked both kids down before the ladies grabbed them up into their arms.

Now, This Is the Way to Spend a Day in the Square.

Hip to be Square.  --RoadDog

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