Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Day in the Square-- Part 1

This past Wednesday, Liz and I dove into Woodstock to get some stickers from the DMV place there.

Of course, going to Woodstock, Illinois, is always a favorite thing for me.

First, we ate at Angelo's.  It recently had a complete make-over because of a show on the Food Channel which goes in and turns a restaurant completely around.  They were recently also in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, at Pier West, so the show must be making a Midwest swing.

We liked Angelo's before when it was pretty much just your standard family restaurant, meaning good, reasonable food.  We'd eaten there many times.  And, the people who made the "Groundhog Day" movie had originally planned to make Angelo's the site of the Tip-Top Cafe which was in a lot of scenes.

We wanted to check the new place out.  The new Angelo's is definitely different-looking.  But, to tell the truth, we didn't like it any better than the old one.

The food, though, was as good as ever.  I had a beef/lamb burger, something quite different and good.  Liz had the BLT-turkey club.  Sandwiches come with a cup of soup, rolls and one side.

We'll Be Back.  --RoadDog

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