Friday, May 3, 2013

Las Vegas' Rancho Drive Built During World War II

From the March 5, 2013, Las Vegas Review-Journal "Rancho Drive played a role during Second World War" by Laura Phelps.

With the coming of war, a path was needed in Las Vegas to connect war-related materials from the north in Ely or Henderson.  Some of the war freight was carried by trains and some more in trucks.  It was decided to build a bypass around downtown Las Vegas.

The road most likely received its name from a local ranch or estate in the area.

This new road followed the bed of the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad.  Since it was laid out for trains it only had a 3% grade.

Today, Rancho Drive is a main road connecting Centennial Hills with downtown Las Vegas, running parallel with Nevada-599 which divides North Las Vegas from Las Vegas.

A Road With a War Background.  --RoadDog

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