Friday, May 3, 2013

Five For the Road: Driving Trips With Gorgeous Vistas-- Part 2

3.  GOING-TO-THE-SUN ROAD, MONTANA--  Designed by a landscape architect to take advantage of the scenery going through Glacial National Park for 50 miles connecting the west and east ends.  You'll see the mountain that gives it its name.

Narrow lanes and hairpin turns drop speed limits to 25 in some areas.  There are also bans on vehicles wider than 8 feet or longer than 21.  Passenger side folks can look straight down sheer declines to valleys.

There are shuttles called Red Buses that date from the 1930s.  During good weather, the canvas tops are rolled back so all 17-passengers can get a great view.

The entire road doesn't become accessible until sometime in June and some sections close by mid-September so plan accordingly.

Getting High on the Road.  --RoadDog

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