Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When the Weather Gets Bad, the Tough Decide to Stay at the Beach

After carefully weighing our options this morning, the decision was made to stay here at Panama City Beach. 

Hey, it was actually more of a no brainer.  Let's see, do we want to drive north and encounter 33 degrees, ice and rain in Memphis or Nashville, or stay here for sun and 75 degrees?  Hard decision, but we'll stay.

Looks like tomorrow will be an early start and up to I-65 and north.

As much as we love it here, getting a bit antsy to get home as we're nearing three weeks.

You might say we're beaching it.  We stayed one night at St. Augustine Beach, three nights in Hollywood Beach, two nights at Clearwater Beach, two nights on St. George Island and now nine nights at PCB.

Staying in the Warmth.  --RoadDog

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