Friday, January 4, 2013

Favorite Eating On the Way Down


Had a great breakfast of champions at a White Castle in Brownsburg, Indiana.  Nothing like Sliders in the morning to get you on your way.  Even had one of their Breakfast Sliders with egg and bacon on top of a slider patty.  Pretty good.

Picked up a supply of Chocolate Uglys at the BP station off I-65 at White House, Tennessee.  And that afternoon, stopped at a Jack-In-the-Box by Nashville for some of their great tacos (still 2 for a buck).


Since buddy Denny hadn't stopped there, I felt obligated to stop at the Varsity in downtown Atlanta and have some "Whaddayahaves?"  You can also get a "Whaddayawants."  Make sure you have your order in mind before you get up to the front of the line or risk censure.  I  had the slaw dogs and Liz the cheese dogs meals.

Lots of Atlanta Falcon fans there as they were playing at home in the nearby Georgia Dome.  The Varsity is right by the Georgia Tech campus.  With so many streets blocked off or one-way (and no entrance to the interstate by the Varsity), we ended up taking a nice long tour of the campus and many other streets before finding a way back onto the interstate.

Chowing Our Way South.  --RoadDog

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