Monday, January 14, 2013

The Case of the $1.50 Seventy-Five Cent Newspaper

In all my travels and buying from newspaper machines, I had never had what I'm about to write about happen to me. 

Saturday, I drove over to the McDonald's on Beach Front Road here at Panama City Beach to take advantage of their dollar breakfast menu and senior coffee and, as usual, I put my 75 cents in to get the local News Herald.  It had a copy of the Saturday paper in the front of it.

I then went inside and bought my food and went to a table, sat down,opened the wrapper and then the paper.  Only, the stories on the front page looked very familiar.  Further examination showed that it WAS INDEED yesterday's paper. 

It's not like you can do much about it.  I went outside and looked again at the front of the box and it was today's paper.  I wanted to check into what was going on around the beach, so dug out another three quarters and plopped them in.  The rest of the papers were all from Friday.

Someone played a good one on me.  I put the rest of them down below so no one else would make my mistake and took the display one.

So, Next Time You Buy the Newspaper From the Box, Be Careful.  --RoadDog

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