Friday, January 18, 2013

"Just Got Back to Illinois": End Trip

To paraphrase that old CCR classic "Looking Out My Back Door."  As JF said, "Just got back from (TO) Illinois, Locked my front door, oh boy."  We got back home here in Spring Grove, Illinois, last night after three weeks and over 3,000 miles.

Both going and coming back were marked by some pretty bad weather, including an unexpected snowstorm in Indianapolis and sleet and snow in Tennessee on the way down and all the winter storms across Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee on the way back.

Then, we had the cold and even a half inch of snow in our driveway which made unpacking all the more fun.

This was also our longest-ever trip, three full weeks (breaking the old record of the 2006 Route 66 trip by a day.  But, 16 of the days were at THE BEACH with most of them 70s and sun.  We just had to learn to live with those days.

Some of the snowbirds spending months in Florida wondered why we didn't stay for a couple months or more.  Unfortunately, I'm still a guy who likes to be on vacation, but after a couple weeks, I'm starting to hanker for home.

Off the Road Again.  --RoadDog

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