Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Horror That Was Driving Through Tennessee on Saturday

We've driven through Tennessee many times without problems, but this past Saturday sure made up for all those good times.  We figure it took us an extra four hours due to all the traffic jams.

No problem on I-65 to White House and even for some miles south of it, but approaching Nashville, there were two long delays, and no reason for it that we could see.  Then, closer in, there was a shorter one, this time at least we knew why, road construction.

Then onto I-24 southeast and nice cruising until we hit a really long jam that turned out to be a gapers' block as people had to slow down to look at an accident on the west bound lanes.  I really hate it when that happens.  No excuse whatsoever.

There were snow flurries, occasionally turning to rain and sleet all the way through the state and the snow was getting harder as we approached the mountain pass by Monteagle.  Then we had a big traffic jam all the way up and then another one all the way down.

But, they saved the worst for last.  We saw a sign west of Chattanooga warning of delays for the next twenty miles, and they weren't wrong.  This one was by far the worst of the seven jams we encountered all day (and it was night by now).  It finally opened as we neared Chattanooga and we never saw any construction.  Traffic just slowed to a crawl and proceeded.

Sure was glad to get to Georgia, wait, Tennessee, wait, back in Georgia again.

Enough to Make You Not Want to Drive Through Tennessee Again.  --RoadDog

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