Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some More Football on the Trip

Saturday, we watched the Packer-Viking game at the venerable old Harry A's on St. George Island, Florida.  Obviously, there was not a lot of interest in the game, but we cheered the Pack on to that needed victory.  Hopefully, they will play as well this coming Saturday as we'll be watching it here in PCB.

Last year, we watched the Packer playoff game against the Giants at Salty Sue's and the BW3 (Buffalo Wild Wings) here in PCB (Panama City Beach).  Was that ever a sorry Green Bay effort.

Then, Sunday night, it was the Kent State-Arkansas State game in the Go-Daddy Bowl at Harry A's.  Kent State is from our conference, the MAC and hadn't been in a bowl game since 1972, so we were backing them.  But, I have to admit we had a soft spot for Arkansas State as that is who we played last year in the same bowl game.  We got to know a bunch of their fans and really know what they're going through.

Arkansas State won 17-13.


Both teams lost their head coaches, a common malady that happens to Mid-Major college football and basketball programs.  As soon as you have any success, you have to find a new coach as one of the big guys will snap him up.  Hey, we lost our coach at Northern Illinois as well.

We played Kent State in the MAC Championship game and both teams lost their coaches.  Ours went to NC State, theirs to Purdue.  Arkansas State's coach is going to Auburn and I'm pretty sure they lost their previous coach just last year.

Then, There Was That Debacle Last Night.  --RoadDog

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