Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Interesting Places to Go in 2013-- Part 2: Folkmoot and Address

There were more places listed, but these are just the ones I'd be most interested in seeing.


17-28--  Waynesville, North Carolina, Folkmoot USA.  The 30th annual folk fest attracts French stilt walkers and Irish step dancers among others.  I'd go just for the name.  "Where you been?"  "I've been to Folkmoot!"


2nd--  Put-In-Bay, Ohio--  Bicentennial of the battle of Lake Erie.  Eighteen tall ships will be there.  And, then there are the bars and partying.  Why go to Key West?  The North Coast is better and closer to home.


16th and 19th--  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address, America's most famous speech.  I am seriously considering stopping here on my way to NC for Thanksgiving.

Moot Your Folk?  --RoadDog

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DennyG said...

I just read about that Put-In-Bay thing recently. I'm guessing being there for the reenactment would be quite a mess but I'd like to be there for while the tall ships are in the area. I've never bee to P-I-B. Planned it three times -- never made it.