Friday, January 4, 2013

Spent Four Days Driving One Afternoon Around Tampa

Well, it sure seemed like a real long time.

Yesterday, we arrived at Tampa around 3 PM and got off I-75 at I-4 and headed east.  Then,almost immediately encountered a traffic jam through Tampa.  The worst spot was where a lane ended and the beautiful people decided they shouldn't have to wait like the other peons and drove forward to cut in line.  I REALLY hate when they do that.

The whole I-4 was under construction pretty much all the way to the causeway over the bay.  Then, we were around US-19 which was also torn up and traffic-heavy.  Lots more waiting.  And, all of this was in a steady rain, making it even less fun.

If anybody ever tries to tell you there isn't a lot of traffic around Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater, they are lying.

Another Not-So-Fun-Day of Driving.  --RoadDog

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