Friday, January 18, 2013

Trip Football: Four Hats, Three and a Half Losers

Alright, I brought hats down to Florida to show support of my teams.  That would be Northern Illinois, Notre Dame, Da Bears and Da Pack.

I had several NIU hats (not to mention tee shirts and sweat shirts), and one each for the others.  I've just got to let others see who I'm backing.  Plus, it's a great way to get into a discussion with other folk.  Talking with other people is a highlight of any trip in my opinion.

On the way down, Dec. 30th, the Bears won, but a Packer loss in the final game of the season.  That loss by the Pack also ended Bear hopes for the post season.  So, we'll count that as a half loss.

Then, on Jan. 1st, Northern gave Florida State a good run for three quarters before getting blown out in the 4th.  Why, I even had my "lucky" NIU hat that I had worn for all our victories this year and going back to last year's Go-Daddy Bowl.  To no avail.

Then, Jan. 7th, Notre Dame forgot to show up for the NCAA Championship game against you-know-who.  If someone had told me 40 years ago that I would ever be pulling for Notre Dame I'd have said they were crazy.  Guess I have been living in the Midwest too long.

Then, this past Saturday, the Packers played a good game for the first half against the 49ers, but couldn't figure out how to stop their q-back and he ran all over them in the second half.

I'm Going to Have to Quit Wearing Hats.  --RoadDog

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