Wednesday, April 13, 2016

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: The Bridges of Route 66

MARCH 13--  Book review of "Route 66 Crossings."  Jim Ross has written it on the bridges of Route 66.  Of the more than 700 bridges on the old road, he has whittled them down to a bit less than 300 after eliminating ones like simple culverts or ones that minimal historical impact.  Shellee Graham made the photographs.

The majority of the ones covered in the book were built between 1912-1919, before Route 66.

These include ones that are still in use and others that aren't.

The stone culvert over Workman Wash near Needles, Cal., was built for the railroad in 1890 and is the oldest 66 bridge still in use.  A lot of wooden bridges still remain in New Mexico because of the climate.

Just when you thought they'd written about every possible thing of Route 66, we get this.


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