Friday, April 8, 2016

South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 2: Where America Was Won

From Fort Moultrie by Charleston, get on I-26 (why an interstate?) to Columbia and visit the S.C. State Museum in Columbia.  from there, head to Ninety-Six, named in 1730 because it was thought to be 96 miles from the Cherokee town of Keowee.  At Ninety-Six National Historic Site you can visit where two Revolutionary War battles were fought.

Then take I-96 to Cowpens National Battlefield where Americans proved they could defeat the professional British soldiers, which they did in less than an hour-long battle.

You can end your South Carolina Revolutionary War experience at King;s Mountain National Military Park, about 30 miles from Cowpens.  This is where the Americans, hurting from defeats in Charleston and Camden, rallied to reverse the momentum of the war with a victory over General Cornwallis' army in a battle Thomas Jefferson termed, "The turn of the tide of success."


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