Tuesday, April 12, 2016

News From Along Route 66, March 2016: Laurel Kane Celebration of Life

MARCH 10--  The 1929 Marathon Station in Miami, Oklahoma will be auctioned.  Built in 1926 at 331 Main Street on part of the oldest Route 66 alignment near the famous 9-foot-wide Ribbon Highway segment.  Hope whoever gets it will keep it in place and looking historic.

MARCH 10--  Maplewood, Missouri, is proposing a giant "M" arch for its Route 66 alignment.  Maplewood is a St. Louis suburb.  It will be 35 feet tall and almost 50 feet wide.  I always love arches like the Dixon one in Illinois.

MARCH 11--  The Laurel Kane celebration of life is set for April 30, 2016 at her Afton Station in Afton, Oklahoma.  She was 69 when she died in January.  One of those people who make Route 66 so much fun and great.  We'll miss her.  I hope someone keeps her Station going.


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