Monday, April 25, 2016

Sitting Here at the Munger-Moss-- Part 4: Getting Ready for the M-M Celebration


**  It was mighty hot out there by he bridge, so we left after an hour,

**  We had the intention of driving to an antique/tourist trap place west of Lebanon, but couldn't find it.

**  Went by the Orchard Hills Package Store on old Route 66 in Lebanon and bought ice.  This place used to be a cottage gas station.

**  Sat outside on the front porch of our room while waiting for the Munger-Moss celebration to begin.  This is one thing I really like about old motels, your ability to sit outside and talk with others.  You sure can't do that much in today's motels.

**  This year not only marks the 90th birthday of Route 66, and all US highways for that matter, but also the 70th year of the Munger-Moss and the 45th year that Ramona and Bob have owned the motel.


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