Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Most North Carolina Brackets-- Part 1: Hungry As All Get Out

I just came across this in North Carolina's Our State Magazine.  Although the voting is over, I thought the categories were interesting.

It started off with 32 competitors.

All of the categories were VERY Tarheel, some of you might not understand, but if you're from the Old North State, you will know.

It was:

Fast Food Biscuits versus Grits  (Those fast food biscuits are delicious, but I always liked my Grandmother Ebie's home made ones.)

Moonshine versus Muscadine (wine) (How about scuppernong?)

"Have Mercy" versus "As All Get Out"  (Sayings you hear more often or not.)

"Darlin'" versus "Fixin'"  Well, I'm fixin' to eat some of those great biscuits.)

Makin' versus Growin'  (Well, you have to grow it before you can make it, right?)

Playin' versus Stylin'

Outer Banks versus Blue Ridge Parkway  (From the ocean to the mountains.)

Lighthouses versus the Long Leaf Pines


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