Friday, April 1, 2016

Driving the Lincoln Highway Back in 1916: More People Doing It, But All Sorts of Adventures Along the Way

From the January 1916 Scientific American.

"I took my annual vacation this year in the form of a trip by automobile to the Pacific Coast over the Lincoln Highway built in 1913).  Two years ago, when I made the same trip, I was doing something out of the ordinary, one of perhaps 50 tourists who took the same journey.

"This spring I do not believe it an exaggeration to state that I was but one out of 5,000 who essayed to reach the Pacific Coast by motor, and did reach it after a series of experiences which would make the writer of the modern popular thriller blush with shame for his lack of imagination.

"It is the best road, the only road, leading from the Atlantic to the Pacific."

Drive That Automobile!!  --RoadDog

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