Friday, April 8, 2016

South Carolina Driving Tours-- Part 4: Tailgate Tour-- Univ. of S.C. to Clemson

These two in-state rivals seem to battle over everything, but tailgating.  Both have it and both like to claim their tailgating is the best.  A recent USA Today poll had readers ranking USC #1 tailgating in the country.  #2 was Clemson.

The University of South Carolina is at the state capital, Columbia and they fill every available spot around Williams-Brice Stadium.

Just 130 miles separate this tailgating mecca from Clemson, South Carolina, home of Clemson University.  I had always known Clemson was in S.C., but last April we were driving to Savannah from Illinois, and accidentally found Clemson.

In 2012, Southern Living magazine crowned Clemson as "The South's Best Tailgate.  On game days, the town of Clemson's population grows from 33,000 to 100,000.  The party begins hours before the game and continues for hours afterwards.

After All, You have to Wait for the Parking Lots to Clear Out.  --RoadDog

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