Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer 2014 Trip-- Part 34: Another Good Radio Station

I have another station I like to listen to around Pontiac, Illinois.  It is WJEZ now at 98.9 FM.  Their trade is with oldies, and not always the same-old, same-old ones played to death on some oldies stations.  They dig deep.  Even better, they always have deejays at the helm, none of that canned stuff like on so many small stations.

This drive-by, i heard them play "Pretty Blue Eyes" by Steve Lawrence.  I'd never heard the song before.  I looked it up and it went to #9 on Billboard's Top 100 in early 1960.

While I had the station on the radio, they played the top five songs from 1961: #5 Quarter to Three, #3 Tossing and Turning, #2 Hats Off to Larry and #1 was Michael by the Highwaymen.  I missed #4.  They also played a song by Danny Hutton from 1966 called "Big Bright Eyes."  This was before he became one of the lead singers of Three Dog Night.  Looking him up, I see that he was a studio singer for Hanna-Barbara Productions.

When you can cruise down the road and hear a song you've never heard of before (and it is a really good one like this) and find out it was before he was with Three Fog Night, WOW!!

I was able to pick up WJEZ from quite a ways south of Pontiac to Yorkville.

Cruisin' and Tunin'.  --RoadDog

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