Friday, November 7, 2014

Road Work Ahead-- Part 35: Home

Listening to WJEZ, I heard a commercial which explained something I've been wondering about the last several years.  While going around Normal-Bloomington, Illinois, I have been seeing a sign showing an exit for a place called the Corn Crib.  I found out that was a ballpark where a Frontier League minor league team called the Corn Belters play.  I found out the stadium opened in 2010 and seats 7,000.

When on Route 66, I always bypass Bloomington-Normal as these towns do not appreciate their Route 66 heritage.

Further north, I lost WJEZ reception and found a Polish language and music station at 99.9 FM.

It took forever to get through Huntley because I was fortunate to hit every one of the considerable number of stoplights just as they turned red.

Arrived home today on August 1, 2014.  Drove 380.5 miles today and 2136.2 for the whole trip.  The odometer now reads 30,542 mostly highway miles.

Always Good to get Home.  --RoadDog

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