Friday, November 7, 2014

Shorpy's Classic Extinct Automobiles-- Part 1

This last month the Shorpy photo website has been running lots of pictures of Extinct Automobiles from the 1920s.  As always, great resolution and you can blow up the photo for some unbelievable details.  Make sure to read the comments as well.

Many of the photos clearly show how bad roads were back then unless you were in a city.

These are some of the photos with type of car.  All dates are for 2014.

10-6: SLEEPS TWO: 1920:  Chalmers Touring Car
10-9:  BATTERED BUROUCHE: 1921: Studebaker

10-12:  READY TO RUMBLE: 1928:  1928 Hudson with a man in the rumble seat.
10-15:  CLOSE FRIENDS: 1920:  San Francisco.  Oldsmobile Coupe

10-20: L.A. TO YOSMITE: 1920:  May 1920. Yosmite National Park.  "Prize Cup Fourth Annual AAA Economy Run, Los Angeles to Camp Curry.  Overland Car.

10-21: MR. RIGHT: 1920:  Oldsmobile Touring Car


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