Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bicoastal Buick: 1929

From the Oct. 3, 2014, Shorpy blog."Coast-to-Coast Buick, 1907, on San Francisco's Auto Row on Van Ness Avenue and California Street in 1929."  Evidently at the end of its jaunt.  Of all the marques shown at the dealers: Buick, Graham-Page, Pontiac and Oakland, only Buick remains.

And, today, according to their commercials, people don't even know what a Buick looks like anymore.

The photo shows a man in a suit shaking hands with the car's driver.

COMMENT:  Driving a 22-year-old Brass Era auto across the continent was a very noteworthy event in 1929.  He doubts that driving a 1992 Buick from New York City to San Francisco would be as impressive a feat today.

COMMENT: Noticed the guy had parked the Buick on a sidewalk.

COMMENT:  Started in 1907, finished in 1929.  Not so impressive.

When you look at the Shorpy photos, make sure to enlarge them and definitely read the comments.


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