Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cold Ahead: 2014 N.C. T-Giving Trip-- Part 1: Huntley's Mean Old Main Street Stoplight


Early leaving by 7 a.m..  I usually don't get off until after 10, but now with these very short days, I like to maximize my daylight driving hours,  Driving at night is getting harder to see things,

I had to scrape off the truck windows as it was outside so I could put the '11 Malibu in the garage so I wouldn't have to scrape it.  Temperature this morning is a balmy 12 degrees with wind making it even worse.  Feels like mighty cold for all this Global Blah Blah Blah.

Took Il-120 to Il-47 as usual.  This is part of my avoid Chicago route.

Blinded by the rising sun if look to the east.

Easy drive until Huntley, Illinois, and all of its many, many, many stoplights.  The one at Main Street has particularly been a nemesis for me over all these many years as it is almost impossible not to get stopped by it.  Several years back, there was a huge amount of construction on this stretch of Illinois Highway 47 through town because of the huge growth that has occurred since Dell Webb's Sun City was built.

As usual, this mean old stoplight caught me again and, believe me, it is a really long wait.  I have been driving this way to DeKalb since 1976 and can only remember perhaps making it through this light maybe two or three times without a lengthy wait.

Gas in Woodstock and Huntley at $3 a gallon.

Passing over the I-90 Tollway (lots of tollways around Chicago), I saw a truck with four or five boats stacked upright on it going under the bridge.  Is it that time of the year again?  I sure do wish it was.

YOU Will Wait and Wait At that Doggone Light.  --RoadDog

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