Wednesday, November 12, 2014

California State Automobile Association Signs, 1925

From the October 24, 2014, Shorpy site: "Circa 1925: Man pointing at California State Automobile Association signage."

"Woman with pennant reciting, 'Boost the Redwood Highway.'"  A souvenir from the early days of motoring, when signage was a do-it-yourself affair, with routes marked and mapped by automobile clubs.

The top sign reads, with arrow pointing to the left, "Garberville 39 5/10, Dyerville 70, Eureka 117."

Bottom sign reads, with arrow pointing left, "Bell Springs 12, Harris 24  Willits 38.

A comment says that the photo was taken at or near the intersection of Bell Springs Road and the current US-101 (Redwood Highway) about ten miles north of Laytonville.

The state of our roads before the U.S. Highway System was superinposed on the existing routes.


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