Monday, November 3, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer 2014 Trip-- Part 32: Snappy Lunch and Skyline Chili

Leaving Goldsboro, N.C., on July 31, 2014, the odometer stood at 29,508 miles and 1,102.5 miles for the trip with a 31.4 mpg.  Drove US-70, I-40, US-52, I-77, US-33 and I-70 today.

I drove 653 miles that day, stopping at Snappy Lunch in Mt. Airy (Mayberry), N.C., for one of those unbelievably good pork chop sandwiches.

Listening to my tunes on CD and various radio stations..

Stopped at another favorite, Skyline Chili, on the Columbus, Ohio,  bypass for dinner.

Arrived in the dark at Richmond, Indiana, right on the Ohio border off I-70.  Stayed at the Motel 6 again.

AUGUST 1st:  Listening to the radio and now in Illinois heading north on Il-47, my way to avoid the Chicago hassle.

Had breakfast of champions, Sliders, in Indiana, but why the White Castles in this state (or at least along I-70) only have Diet Caffeine-free Coke and don't have the great Dusseldorf mustard is beyond me.

I Lost Count of How Many Miles of Road Construction I Had to Endure.  --RoadDog

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