Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Women Filling Gas Tanks During World War II

From American: Roadside Memories--  Gas Stations.

Picture on page 125.  You always hear about women working in the factories while the men were in the military, but evidently that also applied to the men who used to fill your tank, check your oil and tire pressure at teh gas stations.


Lillian Larsen was one of Standard's most able station attendants during 1942.  Serving the road as an important asset of the war effort, female pump operators like her became a familiar sight at the American service station.

"While husbands, brothers, fathers, and cousins were battling it out for our freedom (to drive when and where we wanted), wartime gasoline stations continued to operate with as much normalcy as they could."

Something You Don't Think About."  --RoadDog

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