Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wayne Pumps Measure Gas By the Penny's Worth-- Part 1: Eliminating Price Figuring

From the Americana: Roadside Memories" page 132.

An interesting ad for Wayne Pump Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a date given for the ad.

"WAYNE PUMPS MEASURE GAS BY THE PENNY'S WORTH.... TO GUARANTEE FULL VALUE FOR EVERY CENT YOU PAY."  (Right there of interest, who counts pennies in the cost of gas anymore?  The next line is even better.)

"If you needed gasoline, how many gallons could you order if you had just 80 cents to spend?  No need to figure...just say '80 cents worth, please' and a modern Wayne Pump will fill your order to the last full penny's worth."  (I had to laugh about that one in today's economy.  Exactly how many gallons could you get for 80 cents today?)

"Modern Wayne, the Watchdogs of your Gasoline Dollar, measures gasoline by the penny's worth as well as the gallon...eliminate price figuring, 'eye measure' and other sources of error...guarantee you Honest Measure...and let you order by the gallon, tankful or dollar's worth, whichever you prefer."

Well, It Was definitely a Different Time.  --RoadDog

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