Thursday, June 12, 2014

From the Munger-Moss Motel: Travelin' the Mother Road

Here I sit on a rainy day out here in Lebanon, Missouri, at the good 'ol Mu-Mo, Munger Moss Motel.

It's good to be back here again after an all-too-long stretch of time, we're figuring about five months after the Joplin tornado.

One thing we always enjoy when we're on Route 66, it is other folks doing the same thing.

Yesterday, at the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri, we ran into two groups of people.  One was a family from Indiana (father and mother didn't speak English, but grown daughter did).  There was also two friends, one from Florida and the other from Pennsylvania, who had flown to Chicago and rented a car.  Both groups planned to go the whole way.

We ran into the two men a short time later at the Fanning Outpost and I found out they had Jerry's "E-Z Guide" and I also suggested Dave Wickline's "Images of 66, Vol. 1."  I recommend those two books for anyone driving the road.

Checking into the Munger-Moss, we  met a young woman who was driving the whole way by herself.

At a local 'cue house, we ran into some mighty friendly folks from Conway, Missouri (right down the road) we suggested some other good Lebanon eating places.

Back at the motel, there was a man sitting out by the fireplace who had flown to Chicago from New York, rented a car and was now on his second day of the trip to Santa Monica, after having spent Tuesday night in St. Louis (I don't know, but just one day across Illinois really isn't near enough.

Always Great Meeting Fellow 66-ers.  --  RoadDog

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