Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wayne Pumps World War II Connection-- Part 2

Then, there was a big picture of a military camp with many barracks, soldiers milling around and in the forefront, a pre 1941 convertible car with two white stars on a red field decal in the left front window and a man saluting a sentry.  There were soldiers standing near the barracks conversing with civilians.

(I would like to tell you where you can see this ad, but couldn't find one other than in the book.  It was an interesting ad from several viewpoints, the first about getting accurate prices, which evidently was a problem before World War II and then, there was this war connection.  And, I am figuring this ad was from before the war started.)

On this picture, the ad line said "See YOUR Soldier!   Visit His Camp..By Car." (definitely not something you'd expect to see after the war commenced for the United States).

"Your soldier boy will be mighty glad to see faces from home...and you'll be happy to see for yourself how well he's looking, too.  So plan to go soon for at least a quick visit with him, and a look at the new defenses he's helping to build for America.  And make the trip by car!

"All the way, you'll find modern service stations waiting like familiar friends to meet every motoring provide efficient, speedy service, maps, road information, clean rest rooms...everything they can offer to make your journey easy and pleasant."

A real slice of history here.  I'm figuring the ad to probably be between 1937 and 1941.  Most people today do not know about the U.S. buildup before December 7, 1941.

By All Means, Go Visit Your GI Joe.  --RoadDog

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